Premium: Yes
World: Elysium
Last Login: 2nd October 2023 16:51:50
Level: 683
Class: Mage (Warlock)
Murderer: (Non-PVP)
Guild: Alpha of Invictus (Dont blv in everyt u heard)
I work on the farm and play sporadically!

A guitar player doesn't start playing today, and play like a professional guitar player tomorrow, it takes time to practice and dedication, that's how it is with the good player!

Muscle memory

Muscle memory is when you do something repeatedly until your muscles remember how to do it, even when you are not thinking about it. For example, when you first learned to ride a bicycle, it was probably difficult to balance and pedal at the same time. But the more you practiced, the easier it got, until finally you could pedal without wondering what you were doing. This is muscle memory in action! It is as if your muscles have their own memory bank, and the more you practice something, the stronger that memory becomes. So it is with fingers!

What does it have to do with touch typing?

In touch typing, you need to use the correct hand and finger placement on the keyboard, known as the "home row," which is the middle row of keys where the fingers are placed in a specific position. By mastering the correct placement of your hands and fingers on the keyboard, you can reduce the amount of movement required to reach other keys and ultimately achieve a smoother and faster typing experience. This is how you train your brain and muscles to get used to proper typing.
This player has 825 (77.1%) achievement points.

Mainlander, Tasker, Grand Tasker, Master Tasker, Upgrade!, Millionaire, Fisherman, Great Fisherman, Home Sweet Home, Sailor, Explorer, Professional Merchant, Dragon Slayer, Spellcaster, Regularly Blessed, Dungeoneering Apprentice, Dungeoneering Master, Brewer, Master Brewer, Preserver of Blood, Survivor of War, Warlord, Phantom Annihilator, The Exorcist, The Higher State, Brave Gatherer, Beating the Bigger Ones, Roulette Macabre, Servant of Ellaria, Castle of Death Survivor, Generously Gifted, Tavern Listener, Smart Trader, Punctual, Lucky Gambler, Pearl Diver, Billionaire, Beast Collector, Beast Master, Grindin', Hit The Gym, Enchanter
Kill Date Victim Victim Level Justified
23rd September 2023 21:01:59 Phill Mason 245 Yes
6th September 2023 21:26:00 Mema Denkaz 429 Yes
26th July 2023 21:13:54 Sharps Shooter 302 Yes
22nd July 2023 21:01:57 Twitch Zakawrs 440 Yes
12th July 2023 21:07:19 Kosiarz All 511 Yes
8th July 2023 21:14:50 Mil 259 Yes
8th July 2023 21:07:47 Coreano Awk 288 Yes
3rd June 2023 21:37:32 Sanoman 770 Yes
3rd June 2023 21:33:01 Sanoman 770 Yes
3rd June 2023 21:30:57 Coach 625 Yes
3rd June 2023 21:24:05 General Radahn 461 Yes
19th April 2023 21:15:47 Malelyy 335 Yes
11th June 2022 21:07:47 Buszu 391 Yes
11th June 2022 21:05:59 Soul Raver 230 Yes
11th September 2021 21:29:52 Ragna Lodbrok 226 Yes
11th September 2021 21:23:08 Lotis Efiro 348 Yes