Jonatha Lima

This character has been banned from the game.
Premium: Yes
World: Elysium
Last Login: 3rd July 2022 11:21:02
Level: 395
Class: Warrior (Barbarian)
Murderer: (Non-PVP)
Guild: Leader of DEUS VULT (Menino Prodigio AQUI)
(The character comment is not shown for banned players.)
This player has 470 (46.53%) achievement points.

Mainlander, Tasker, Grand Tasker, Upgrade!, Millionaire, Fisherman, Great Fisherman, Home Sweet Home, Sailor, Explorer, Professional Merchant, Dragon Slayer, Spellcaster, Regularly Blessed, Dungeoneering Apprentice, Brewer, Master Brewer, Preserver of Blood, Survivor of War, Phantom Annihilator, The Exorcist, The Higher State, Brave Gatherer, Servant of Ellaria, Lucky Gambler, Beast Collector
Death Date Killed By At Level Justified
3rd July 2022 13:18:46 a sand terror 395 Yes
1st July 2022 04:18:26 a devil 393 Yes
1st July 2022 00:34:07 a geck'zah 392 Yes