Lord Araki

Premium: No
World: Elysium
Last Login: 2nd October 2023 01:05:04
Level: 300
Class: Warrior (Barbarian)
Murderer: (Non-PVP)
Guild: Leader of Peaky Blinders
(No character comment.)
This player has 600 (56.07%) achievement points.

Mainlander, Tasker, Grand Tasker, Upgrade!, Millionaire, Fisherman, Great Fisherman, Home Sweet Home, Sailor, Explorer, Professional Merchant, Dragon Slayer, Spellcaster, Regularly Blessed, Dungeoneering Apprentice, Brewer, Master Brewer, Preserver of Blood, Survivor of War, Warlord, Phantom Annihilator, The Exorcist, The Higher State, Brave Gatherer, Roulette Macabre, Servant of Ellaria, Castle of Death Survivor, Lucky Gambler, Pearl Diver, Beast Collector, Beast Master, Hit The Gym, Enchanter