Premium: No
World: Pharos
Last Login: 19th October 2020 16:17:35
Level: 344
Class: Mage (Pyromancer)
Murderer: No (5 kills left in 24 hours)
Guild: Leader of Red Star (ALL STARS)
(No character comment.)
This player has 455 (56.88%) achievement points.

Mainlander, Tasker, Upgrade!, Millionaire, Fisherman, Great Fisherman, Home Sweet Home, Sailor, Explorer, Professional Merchant, Dragon Slayer, Spellcaster, Dungeoneering Apprentice, Dungeoneering Master, Brewer, Master Brewer, Preserver of Blood, Survivor of War, Warlord, Phantom Annihilator, The Exorcist, The Higher State
Kill Date Victim Victim Level Justified
29th September 2020 18:15:51 Kawkens 350 No
29th September 2020 18:12:28 Optimussss 392 No
29th September 2020 18:12:14 Fotografowania 250 No
29th September 2020 17:59:11 Kawkens 351 Yes
29th September 2020 17:58:38 Empaa Flow 319 Yes
11th July 2020 15:05:27 Elpowerrangernegro 73 No