Premium: Yes
World: Pharos
Last Login: 30th May 2023 22:04:53
Level: 208
Class: Ranger (Rogue)
Murderer: No (5 kills left in 24 hours)
Guild: Member of Goat
(No character comment.)
This player has 460 (45.54%) achievement points.

Mainlander, Tasker, Grand Tasker, Upgrade!, Millionaire, Fisherman, Home Sweet Home, Sailor, Explorer, Professional Merchant, Dragon Slayer, Spellcaster, Regularly Blessed, Dungeoneering Apprentice, Brewer, Master Brewer, Preserver of Blood, Phantom Annihilator, The Exorcist, The Higher State, Beast Collector, Beast Master
Kill Date Victim Victim Level Justified
12th May 2023 02:40:14 Criminal Damage 526 Yes
30th April 2023 20:29:33 Ragnar Vikingheart 43 Yes
30th April 2023 02:40:51 Ragnar Vikingheart 43 Yes
10th March 2023 22:58:04 Ghost Of Fire 72 Yes