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Level 525
6 days 18 hours ago (Last edited 6 days 18 hours ago)

Quoting Dancore:
[10:00:42] Thorvald: Incredible, you did it! Let us begin the training...

Thorvald is still bugged for me, it took my berries twice and gave no training for it. It's stuck in that training task.

same for me and some players for my team . no response from gm .

Also after I complete tasks and I leave and come back , thorvald doesn't like me or something
18:47:15] Caste: hi
[18:47:15] Thorvald: Anyone else?! Hold on, Caste!
lmao buggedddddd
Ht Savage

Level 400
6 days 17 hours ago

Quoting Isak Sworder:
@GM Quillon
Thanks for removing my sage status, finally my back can rest after carrying the DI board :D

So... basically every decent/good sage is gone now? Kinda explains why shit is so bugged everytime because the ones that did test shit on sage test servers are no longer sages:D:D

DI boards fully run by non-pvpers?

Guess Quillon's dream did come true; Kill pvp:smartass:
Menor Da Biqueira

Level 286
6 days 11 hours ago

Quoting GM Quillon:
One-off training compensations are introduced for next three days. Complete kill task and ask Osvald or Thorvald about training reward to receive your compensation.

I finished task kill on my char 140 devils (hard long) and didn't earn compensation just 87 hours of training and 60 hours of exhaustion
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