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Level 69
27th October 2019 21:45:06

Quoting Lord Insano:
and it solved that , it removes the npc that locates the player and the locating magic of all , so the pvp would become more fair.

that is not at all the case.... pvp didnt become more fair because of this.... it didnt really do anything, the part I find odd is the people in the pvp community complain about the power abuse crap. Always 10v1,15vs3, never fair fights. Funny to say that a pvpers own worst enemy is themselves.
It was once GM quillons fault pvp servers died out cause of his ban hammer, judging by what everyone in the pvp community has said about him and how he ruined their game play. But now what? Now who to blame ? No dont blame yourselves, that would just be silly.
i get its a pvp server, and the consequences for playing on a pvp server is to perhaps get killed, understandable. But have some class. The power trip some of you are on and wont allow others to play or grow on a pvp server is just pathetic. Hope you guys like playing by yourselves.

Level 195
30th October 2019 13:39:17

you could play something like old school runescape, this game here has no community for the game to grow ..
this game will be in these forever because the community itself ended the game not letting new players grow
Phoenix Rah

Level 66
30th October 2019 14:31:57

This is why i think a new nonpvp serv will be better for the purpose of keeping new players, also its a bit more attractive for a newcomer than trying a pvp serv without any knowledge about the game and then all the PA on top of that which hinder your progress.

Id say try a new nonpvp and advertise it, take much caution on bots and stop them from ruining the server, much GM activity on the serv.
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