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El Mart

Level 340
5th November 2019 02:05:45 (Last edited 5th November 2019 02:13:02)

Quoting Xployd:
The event was very fruitful, but I have my caveats about events like this:

double exp or any other event that makes uplevel easier turns out to be facilitating something that shouldn't be so easy.

Decreasing the lives of monsters is not a good idea as it will probably increase the money made by 40-50% and will also drop many rare boss items.

The South American community is looking forward to some position regarding some possibility of making any South America transfer-enabled server. As quoted by Mart, this transfer could be charged for each character.

Well I dont like double exp or double loot. But lower hp and faster respawn make me at least.. doing task like unholys or devils in a decent time.. same with bosses...with full hp i need a shoter or kill 30-40 mobs per hour and its a lot of time... about drops.. zezenia is random but i think we need more places or thinks to do with CASH.. because you can do easy 2-3kk cash per day without problem. just get a lvl 150 and do hard longs. Some days ago i go with ranger 200 to make cash.. we did 5kk cash in like 10 hours(or less i think). just one rare item drop! ( 1kk sold ) rest in normals drops and rewards tasks ( spam randoms doing collects and killing mobs )...

ABout transfer.. i think its what all south americans players are waiting for..
Not much to do..
Just make Novus south american server > free transfers from novus to ely or pharos.
Pharos to novus > pay like 200 cards per character with limited stuff for transfer.. I know at least 20 guys with all intentions of play server if its hosted in brasil without care about pay for transfer character..

Since we are. I would like you to see the speed of the characters. Rise of peace, Haste potion, Talent points .. the truth too many ways to gain speed .. there would have to be a limit .. it is ridiculous to see how people run near the monster without them reacting

Many things to see, but I really see the game much more fun than before and I think it is on a good path .. It would be great a good guide to start, I'm a little tired of having to teach practically everything to people who come to try the game and leaves without really knowing him
Keast Sepyz

Level 245
5th November 2019 12:47:37

i agree with the monster life i think i want many players i will go back to zezenia:D
Isak Sworder

Level 145
7th November 2019 20:41:38

Quoting GM Shadow:
Regarding training - You can certainly train for free on monsters while afk as many players do. To say you need premium time to increase skills is not quite correct, knowing on PvP worlds that can be difficult. Everyone has their preference and we are always open to differing opinions.

GM Shadow

Well yes you don't need premium time to need skill advance, you are very correct there but also you just admitted that the faster way to gain skill is by having premium account time since training on monks is not the most efficiently way as we all know. Basically it's faster to gain skills by doing tasks which requires premium account than skilling on monks, don't you think this is a pay2win feature?

Glad to hear you that you are open to suggestions :D
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