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Level 257
13th January 2020 23:00:25

Everything sounds good, nice job staff :)
Beekz Teh Magician

Level 329
15th January 2020 09:28:14

hey i see we can selling 3 types of trash fish :O why not all of the types? just able to sell half is not good enough reason to not toss all of them into floor :D

Level 517
22nd January 2020 11:27:38 (Last edited 22nd January 2020 11:28:11)

Quoting Xployd:
Wtf are u talking Safrax? You make xp using bot on drag portal all time, please man dont come here to talk shit, let staff work in peace.

you had the chance to choose your side of the war we are not to blame if you chose the wrong side or if you were kiked by ARCHERXS,
we already deal with verbal war gm war CTR + R war of players? not yet because they are always here crying.
I think the real enemies are the venezuela nostalgia because you just cry, they discovered that the number of players does not influence the war, but the quality, the proof of this and the massacre and do not talk about level because you have very powerful accs even more than us, really your only chance to master something xployd and really open SV SA because you are the Leader of the choro charlovers died 1x RAGEQUIT
Or can I create another post on the forum again with the song Dont U cry?
Ahhh and another thing you are racist apologize for the poverty that our neighbor country is going through.
I even understand why they don't fight with you now.
You are dirty man

Hugs :O
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