Beekz Teh Magician

Level 313
17 days 1 hour ago (Last edited 16 days 10 hours ago)

Is it about time to start making changes on some really greedy stuff? (owner PoV). we're spending cards everyday to play the game, on top of that you'll need cards to get blessed... not to mention sometimes ull get shitty task 10 times in row and spend 10 cards!? what the heck ........ give us a break, we're still supplying Your game and hanging around.. everytime i see friends leave game because shitty task and end of pcards like what the fuck?! why is this killing the game for fellow zezenians? i believe if you would stop the stupid greedyness it would actually even keep the newcomers in the game. if thats your plan to gain new players, why would they join in a shitty squirrel-wheel? isnt life already too rough ;)

Edit: actually now that we're at it! what about tavern tale 13 after returning baphomet paw (super hard lol) he gives you 10 amethyst and keeps telling you everyday 'tomorrow i should visit dryadon' so when is that tomorrow? lmao! same with Arlie! come later for reward and keeps telling that for over year xDD and wtf Gildwen weekly task! keeps telling me come back next week for half a year now? wheres the end or next reward? jesus. hope this will affect you as a runner of game and fellow players who come to game. fuck this nonsense! i dont care if quillon fucked up you could fix these in couple days of effort, kiitos vittu.