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Ryan The Alcomist

Level 168
14 days 21 hours ago

Game and hunting is just boring in general when compared to other 2d mmorpgs, the monster AI etc is just so dull i literally fall asleep playing, the graphics on the map itself are horrible, monster sprites are ok, and i just find the game way grindy than anything i've ever played before and i've played nearly every serious OT, rl tibia and other copies of the tibia genre. I think the only thing that made people play this game in real big numbers were the pvp and wars. and theres none of that because the deathloss was to big and pvp wasn't balanced whatsoever between vocations.


Level 470
14 days 9 hours ago (Last edited 14 days 9 hours ago)

Hello Gm Shadow I hope that I have been very clear and specific in my opinions and I also hope that you like me as one of the most active players PVP and PVM left here my recommendations of what we want and zezenia needs to thank you for listening to us yes and move on.
It is not easy to create a post that does not harm people in any aspect we want to see zezenia go forward.

#Covid Cleanup is everything.
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