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You need to look more fondly at the ranger rogue, at least in nom pvp world is not far behind all vocations. Today the ranger is nerfed, but marksman still has a much better buff than all the rogue buffs!
A suggestion of mine would be to create weapons just for rogue use!
I hope you look at this post with affection.

Some of my ideas:

-Ruthless execution: From 45 seconds of cooldown to 20. (monsters are marked when they are 30% health, this would help to always perform the magic)

- Just as marksman has a critical continuation, the rogue could have a 2 minute buff of poisoned arrow, where he would take a% of life over time for each arrow or bolt, this spell would be something like the blood thief that was removed .

-Have own weapons for rogue, an idea similar to the barbarian.

- As the vocation itself says: Rogue! (Have some blood-stealing magic.

Well, these are some ideas that I put here, of course, you donít need all these, but if I had one or two it would be very good!

Sorry my bad english, i use translator :\ :P

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Omg rogue take a lot of.. Look at marksman..

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Quoting Optimussss:
Omg rogue take a lot of.. Look at marksman..

Remember that this guy said "barb sucks"

Dont take him seriously..