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25th July 2020 12:59:46 Administration View post »

24th July 2020 07:08:18

Zezenia Online 7.3.1 is here! As always, your game will automatically update on login. Steam users may need to restart to receive the update. You can always download the latest client here.

Here's what's new:

Quoting Full changelog:

- New two handed weapons for barbarians added.

- Added secondary dungeon instances to allow multiple teams at the same time, starting with The Demonic Passage. Other dungeons will follow in Server Save updates.

- Added the Ellaria Poor Quarters food bank where players may donate gold. Top donors will be featured in the Novus hall of fame.

- Added new tasks to Arne's Challenges.

- Updated various quests with loot popups.

- Shield Slam cooldown raised from 4 to 6 seconds.

- Frenzy no longer affects mana.

- Haste spell issues related to speed boost equipment resolved.

- Players must now stand next to depot boxes to place items on them.

- Eidos spawn minimap markers no longer appear to players over level 50.

- Fixed spell animations appearing inside protection zones.

- Fixed buff stacking for certain spells.

- Fixed tooltip bugs.

- Other quest fixes and tweaks.

See you ingame!

Zezenia Staff

Level 219
24th July 2020 07:49:58

Nice, but... and buff ranger rogue? :\:\:\:\
Touta Kun

Level 45
24th July 2020 08:10:49

┐How do I donate the money? :smartass:
Beekz Teh Magician

Level 330
24th July 2020 10:27:47 (Last edited 24th July 2020 10:32:15)

While you adjusted Shield Slam, the tooltip still says 4 seconds :)

Also worth to mention about the bonus dungeons, currently done 61 times demonic dungeon and gotten into 4? bonus dungeons :D make it more realistic please

Fallen Warrior

Level 363
24th July 2020 11:17:28

I missed Quillon, banished the wrong ones and didn't keep destroying the classes.

Now every day there is an update, every day they wreck the classes a little more, every day something wrong, every day someone being banned without explanation and so on, will the new owner of this game not get reality?

Paladin update, increased spell time, why spoil it a little more? move and do things in half because the description of the magic says that it is 4 SECONDS, then put to 6 and fuck the opinion of the players.

Level 118
24th July 2020 11:20:28

They cant even name new server. So once again its novus

Level 204
24th July 2020 11:36:28

You should list what monsters drop the new weapons.
Enraged monsters and elites seem super rare, change the rates to 1/33 for enraged and 1/100 for elites.

Also why was rage of furies mana increased from 110 to 180.
Currently Paladins are WAY more powerful than barbarians in PvE and PVP.

Level 408
24th July 2020 11:38:10

i hope 2h is not obligatory for barbarian.
I lost almost a year to get the axe (4k cp). would be discouraged once and for all with the game.

unless that have a 2h of 4k cp and I can exchange the axe for it.

I take the opportunity to ask again, improve the 4k cp weapon. :P

Level 159
24th July 2020 12:10:03

the game will go bankrupt, then you want the players to stop playing at once, if that's the case I want to congratulate you 1 player less.
Revenge Clown

Level 554
24th July 2020 13:00:00

Nice changes!

Arne┤s task is a really boost for any class!

Shield slam is a powerful spell and it needs to be secondary (most situational) not the first damage for paladin. Their main damage spell is cleave, just like barbs main spell is rage of fury. I really think the damage its overpowered since is not a class that should do damage, but its main function is to block monsters. But if any more changes happen paladins will cry a river in forums. Both barbs spells main damage is made in the front of the caster so it has increased difficulty compared to way you throw shield slam... This things said I'm not asking for more changes, let it the way it is before someone come with rocks to throw on me, its just some points for you all consider.

Frenzy ajustment is really good for low lvls barbs. They really suffer with that -15% mana. Good improve for them.

For players that seek for rare itens, we could at least have a little tip where to find new weapons, if its only monster drop or a new quest (pls pls pls :P)

Last thing i would mention is the time of haste potions and anti paralyze.. it should be improved. Flask of haste lasting 10 minutos is a joke.

Thanks for the improves in general! Keep the good work
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