Final Round

A guild on Novus.
The guild has a war rating of 993.28.
There are 17 members.

The guild is not in a war with anyone right now.
Secret Weapon Level Title
Emre 94 lider do lider de macacos
Orsted Mclovin 98 :D
Madlicious Mclovin 129 MCLOVIN
Special Force Level Title
Sadicozz 129 CHART LOVER #2
Mage Lokis 68 #free keti
Master Troll 101 nino rata
Whistup 110 CHARLOVER
Milagro 113 CHARLOVER #1
amo jackeylove Level Title
El Diabliyo 84
morreu na pedra Level Title
Novus 77 Lider de todos os macacos
Thothi Mclovin 106 filho do mart
Warrior Manda 105 EL INTELECTUAL
Keop 76 #free keti
Yorat 80
Darkxa 67
Il Diavolo 90
Trilogy 77