Guild da Paixao

A guild on Everest.
The guild has a war rating of 1188.82.
There are 9 members.

The guild is not in a war with anyone right now.
Pyrocudo Level Title
Agua Cristalina 258 Offline
Allarkin 364 Tia Sheila Offline
Warlocko Level Title
Kinglockz 387 Firma Offline
Elgoog 351 Brigou com o Firma Offline
Shamanta Level Title
Eucalipto Biruta 169 Ponkan Offline
Megumi Fushiguro 268 Offline
Snoopy 428 Offline
Paladin Lixo Level Title
Chapuleta Roxa 424 Mexerica Offline
Protestio 309 Offline