Peaceful Warriors

A guild on Pharos.
The guild has a war rating of 1000.00.
There are 16 members.

The guild is not in a war with anyone right now.
Leader Level Title
Botisss 617 Offline
Optimussss 449 Offline
Vice-leader Level Title
Chrzescijanin 362 Offline
Szczypawica 456 Offline
God Of Shadow 302 Offline
Cruel Death 372 Offline
Member Level Title
Panpasowiec 316 PKP Online
Jinso 181 Offline
Sppecjal 183 Offline
Happy Man 242 Offline
Skillerc 274 Offline
Specjal 199 Offline
Petee Yanke 148 Offline
Justyna 68 Offline
Boruto 226 Offline
The Fenomeno 57 Offline