Star burst stream

A guild on Pharos.
The guild has a war rating of 1000.00.
There are 9 members.

The guild is not in a war with anyone right now.
Leader Level Title
Elpowerrangernegro 116 Star King Online
Vice-leader Level Title
Mrgroove 70 Master y amo del grove Online
Wizard Of The Dark 81 El Curandero Offline
barbarian Level Title
El Deadpool 82 El barbaro Offline
Kiritosangamer 49 Offline
roger Level Title
Abdelo 87 Online
Itzpapalotltotec 314 Mictlantecuhtli Offline
pyro Level Title
Tomioka Giyu 44 el pegado Offline
Ririan 55 El Explosivo Offline