Old Game Rules

Note that these Game Rules are no longer in effect, and are only shown for reference. Refer to this page to view the updated Game Rules.
The Game Rules are defined to ensure a fun and fair environment in Zezenia Online. Staff of Zezenia Online oversees that the Game Rules are followed by every player. Violators will be temporarily or permanently locked from the game and website. The points below list prohibited things.

1) Character Names

a) Names that are offensive or unsuitable for children or a work environment.
b) Names that are only a long random combination of letters.
c) Names that impersonate Zezenia Online Staff or game mechanics.
d) Names that are a statement or a sentence.

2) Communication

a) Insulting, racism and other profane statements.
b) Spamming and flooding.
c) Non-English in public channels (except "Main" and channels intended for a specific language).
d) Direct advertising.
e) Inciting other players to violate the Game Rules.

3) Cheating

a) Modifying the client software in any way.
b) Using second or third party software or hardware to help you gain advantage over others in playing.
c) Bug or game weakness abuse.
d) Using someone else's account, or letting your account be used, even with permission.
e) Playing on multiple characters at the same time.
f) Trading accounts.

4) Interaction

a) Excessive player killing.
b) Excessive power abusing.
c) Destructive behaviour.

5) Banishments

a) Flaming Zezenia Online Staff for their deeds as well as punishing regular players for reports.
b) Excessive demanding for a banishment on a certain player.
c) Excessive complaining about a banishment.

6) Gallery

a) Uploading screenshots unrelated to Zezenia Online.

7) Payments

a) Invalid payment chargebacks (leads to indefinite ban until payment owed is paid back in full).
Last modified 11th August 2014