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A Mixed PvP server located in North America (East).
The players online record is 186 players, set on 29th January 2021.
There are currently 39 players online, they are listed below.
Player Name Level Class
King Castronz 531 Warrior (Barbarian)
Van Moof 420 Ranger (Rogue)
Peaceful Pyro 368 Mage (Pyromancer)
Wyhualxz 359 Mage (Shaman)
Quernatnoxaz 349 Mage (Warlock)
Mil Meu 321 Mage (Pyromancer)
Rigell 318 Ranger (Rogue)
Madoka Maggi 310 Mage (Shaman)
Ddeuxz 310 Warrior (Paladin)
Inmortal 301 Warrior (Paladin)
Tokan Sado 286 Warrior (Paladin)
Sugar Baby 265 Mage (Pyromancer)
Ninjani 250 Ranger (Rogue)
Lendario 247 Mage (Shaman)
Doovahkiin 246 Ranger (Marksman)
Sollinva 244 Mage (Warlock)
Fantom Denser 239 Ranger (Rogue)
Stradvick Sulahmik 236 Warrior (Paladin)
Bio Marks 206 Ranger (Marksman)
Seraphine 205 Mage (Shaman)
Xibatadejumento 193 Mage (Pyromancer)
Mr Hands 165 Mage (Warlock)
Elder Wizard 158 Warrior (Paladin)
Naab 156 Warrior (Barbarian)
Crumble King 143 Warrior (Barbarian)
Demodras 124 Warrior (Barbarian)
Karol Konka 115 Mage (Warlock)
Mefa The Bruto 112 Warrior (Paladin)
Luciaa 104 Warrior (Paladin)
Wyhualx 103 Mage (Warlock)
Sneek 97 Warrior (Barbarian)
Flexada De Meota 97 Ranger (Rogue)
Charlie Red 92 Ranger (Rogue)
Daeo Loeiksi 88 Mage (Shaman)
Cain Lukz 86 Warrior (Barbarian)
Zeniooo 80 Ranger (Marksman)
Pyruzao 70 Mage (Pyromancer)
Khush 33 Warrior
Remix 6 Warrior