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Eidos: Quests

To find most of quests start conversation with certain NPC. Highlighted keywords may help you with continuing each quest. However, some quests do not require interaction with NPC, sometimes you have to find the right chest, which hides treasures.

Quest Starting Point Main rewards
Jasmine's First Problem NPC Jasmine a primitive stone axe - for warriors
an albatross boomerang - for rangers
an ember wand - for mages
Eidos Stray NPC Doggy 100 experience points (normally)
200 experience points (rarely)
1.000 experience points (very rarely)
Forgotten gold in Attic Attic of Eidos Deposit each chest contain random amount of gold pieces
William's Mission NPC William 200 gold pieces
2.000 experience points
Ian's Problem NPC Ian 100 gold pieces
2.000 experience points
Unlucky Fisherman NPC Faragher an advanced fishing rod
150 gold pieces
2.500 experience points
New beer for Ellarian Tavern NPC Helmut 13.500 experience points (in total)
Arne's Tasks NPC Arne each finished mission guarantees training rewards for each class