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Challenge Tasks

You can complete Challenge Tasks to receive rewards in the form of experience, gold or skill training. The leaders of guards, Osvald in Bersund and Thorvald in Ellaria, will entrust you to either kill a certain number of monsters or to collect a certain number of creature products. Challenge Tasks are available from level 10 onwards. You can have a task from each Challenge Task NPC at the same time, but for kill tasks only one of them will progress at once if its the same monster.

Special Newbie Rules

Players that are under level 30 can get a task for free, and they can also cancel them free of charge. However, players under level 30 are not able to receive collect tasks, and they may not ask for a "random" task.
task type description
Kill To get a kill task, ask a Challenge Task NPC for "challenge" and then "kill". After that you choose the difficulty (easy, medium or hard), and the length of the task (short, medium or long). Kill tasks are based on your level, and the monsters selection will change as you level up. Completing each kill task guarantees a bonus in form of training exhaust reduction. Mentioned reduction is based on: length of the task and difficulty of the task.
Collect To get a collect task, ask a Challenge Task NPC for "challenge" and then "collect". Again, you can choose the difficulty (easy, medium or hard) and the length of the task (short, medium, long). Collect tasks require at least level 30 to start.
Random If you are brave enough, you can choose a "random" task instead. The Challenge Task NPC will decide the task type, difficulty level and the length of the task for you. The reward for random tasks is increased by 20% compared to what the normal reward for that task would be. Random tasks require at least level 30.
Reward type Description
experience The experience reward quite simply rewards you with experience based on the length and difficulty of your task.
gold If you pick gold as a reward, the Challenge Task NPC will give you a certain amount of gold, again based on the length and difficulty of your task.
training If you choose training as a reward, you will receive a significant amount of training towards your melee and defending skill (warriors and mages) or your distance and defending skill (rangers). Please note that the training reward will not affect your magic level, even if you are a mage! Upon receiving your training reward, you will be exhausted from training your skills (even in combat) for 20, 40 or 60 hours depending on the length of your task. The amount of training time rewarded is 20 hours for a short task, 40 hours for a medium task and 60 hours for a long task. Additionally, you may receive additional bonus rewards (not affecting your exhaust) time if your task was of medium difficulty (+10%), hard difficulty (+20%) or a "random" task (+20%). Additionally, on Everath and Pharos, the rewards are doubled until you reach 100 skill.

Task Cancellation

You can cancel a previously received task at any time. To do that, you need to have at least one premium card in your inventory – the cost of cancellation of a task is one premium card. It may happen that the NPC will not take payment from you! The chance for that is increased along with every cancellation and might even reach 25% if you cancel more than 5 tasks within 30 minutes!

Challenge Points

Challenge Points are additional points that you can receive for performing tasks for Osvald or Thorvald. The number of points you receive is influenced by the following factors:
- the length of the task – the longer the task, the more points you get,
- the difficulty of the task - the harder the task, the more points you get,
- the kind of task – kill task are worth always double the points of collect tasks,
- additionally, performing a random task guarantees a 20% point increase.

To check the currently gathered points, you have to open the Questlog – the Challenge Points information can be found in the repeatable quests tab.

Gathered points can be exchanged for rewards at any time. Reward chests can be found in Chest Tower, next to Thorvald’s office. Every chest has a sign informing of the prize and the required number of points to open it above it. Each reward means a loss of points required to open the chest.