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You can attack monsters and, in PVP-enabled situations, other players by right clicking on them. Attacking will commence until you cancel your target by right clicking again or pressing ESC. Melee attacks require you to stand next to your target, ranged attacks will work from a short distance. You can also cause damage by casting offensive spells.

Player vs Player

PVP is possible at all times on the mainland on PVP worlds when outside of protection zones (depots, shops, houses). Note that players under level 20 cannot take part in PVP action, and can thus be walked through on PVP worlds. On Non-PVP worlds, attacking other players is only possible in warzones, arenas and when in a guild war.

On PVP worlds, outside of battles in party mode, arenas or in guild wars, kills are limited. When attacking an innocent player, the attacking player will receive a red skull status for 2 minutes. Red skulled players can be killed justifiedly by anyone. Note that if a red skulled player is attacked by someone who the red skulled player has not attacked first, the attacking player will receive a 2 minute long blue skull and the red skulled player can kill the blue skulled player justifiedly. The same "defense mechanism" applies to players who don't have a red skull, but have a visible yellow skull (murderer state) or black skull(serial murder state). If a kill is unjustified, the killer will have his/her red skull extended to last 10 minutes instead of the original 2.

When a kill is deemed to be unjustified, it is counted towards the killer's personal unjustified kills limits. The limits are 5 kills per 24 hours, 10 kills per 7 days or 15 kills per 30 days. Whichever limit is reached first is taken into account. Reaching the limit once will result in the killer getting a visible black skull (murderer state), which lasts for 14 days. A player in murderer state will lose 10% experience at every death and have a 50% to drop 1 item (not including bag), regardless of Premium Time status, and he/she can be killed justifiably by anyone at any time. If one of the limits is reached again while in the murderer state, your murder status will be replaced by a serial murder status, and the speed of your character will be reduced. You will also be marked with a black skull and drop between 1-2 items upon death (not including bag).

Removing Murder State or Serial Murder State

It is possible to remove Murderer State by bribing NPC Collin or NPC Lasse for a gold fee. The price of this service depends on several factors, including:
- the time that passed since using this service last time,
- the number of successful murder state / serial murder state removals in the past,
- insignificantly dependent on player level.

If you decide to not remove the serial murder state, which always costs twice as much as the removal of murder state, you will need to wait 14 days to play normally.