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Client Controls

Most client controls are very straight-forward and easy to guess, but some of them might be less obvious to the newbie. The first table below lists the most common game controls, while the second table lists more in-depth controls that aren't used as often.
Directional Keys
(+ WASD in Fight Mode)
Use the directional keys (up, down, left, right) on your keyboard to move your character.
Left Click Click on the game map or the minimap to automatically move your character to the desired location.
Right Click You can right click on objects to use them, such as eating a piece of meat or opening a bag. Right clicking on creatures (monsters, players) will attack them. The attacking commences until you right click again to cancel.
Drag & Drop Click and hold, drag and then release to move items or push creatures.
CTRL + Left Click Look at an object or creature. For players, this will show information such as level, class and guild. Equipment will generally show their basic stats (attack, defense). Signs and blackboards often contain messages.
Shift + Left Click Use this command on a creature to automatically follow them.
Shift + Right Click Use this command on your own character to change your outfit.
F1 to F12
(+ 0 to 9 in Fight Mode)
Casts the spell you have assigned to the specific spell button.
CTRL + F Enables / disables Fight Mode. In Fight Mode you can move with the WASD keys and cast spells with keys 0 to 9. Chat is disabled.
CTRL + L Logs out your character safely.
CTRL + Q Opens the quest and achievement log dialog.
CTRL + O Opens the options dialog.
CTRL + T Opens the dialog where you assign your talent points.
CTRL + G Opens the guild management dialog.
CTRL + M Opens the World Map view.
CTRL + R Opens the report dialog. Use this feature to report game errors or rule violators.
CTRL + S Saves a screenshot of the game on your desktop. Hold Shift to take a screenshot of only the game area.
Tab Switches between open chat channels. You can go through them in reverse by holding Shift.
Esc Cancels attacking, following and automatic walking.
Shift + Up/Down Goes through chat messages that you have previously sent.