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Game Worlds

Generally there are 2 types of worlds in Zezenia: Non-PVP and PVP. On PVP worlds players can attack each other everywhere except in protection areas, such as depots. PVP worlds have automatic countermeasures against massive player killing. On Non-PVP attacking other players is only possible in certain conditions, such as when in a battle arena or in a guild war. More about player versus player combat can be read in the manual articles combat and death.

Below list of servers along with the most characteristic features:
Name Type Active experience boosts Active skill boosts
Elysium Non-PVP 1x experience world* -
Pharos PVP 2x experience world Challenge Task training rewards are 2x standard rate until skill 100.
* Until level 20 your experience will be 4x normal. After that it will gradually reduce by 0.1x per level until you reach 1x at level 50 onwards

Please Note: You can always view your current experience stage by hovering the experience value in the Abilities sidewindow.

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