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Game Worlds

There are three types of worlds in Zezenia Online: Non-PvP, PvP and mixed PvP.
  • On a mixed PvP world players may battle each other in the continent of Ben Qarassih. Other areas are non-PvP. PvP is enforced meaning that there are no limits to player killing.
  • On a PvP world players may battle each other everywhere except Protection Zones. PvP worlds have restrictions against massive player killing.
  • On a non-PvP world players may only battle each other in arenas and guild wars.
More about player versus player combat can be read in the manual articles combat and death.

Name Type Active experience boosts Active skill boosts
Elysium Non-PVP 1x experience world* -
Pharos PVP 2x experience world Challenge Task training rewards are 2x standard rate until skill 100.
* Until level 20 your experience will be 4x normal. After that it will gradually reduce by 0.1x per level until you reach 1x at level 50 onwards

Please Note: You can always view your current experience stage by hovering the experience value in the Abilities sidewindow.

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