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Game Worlds


There are 2 types of worlds in Zezenia: Non-PVP and PVP. On PVP worlds players can attack each other everywhere except in protection areas, such as depots. PVP worlds have automatic countermeasures against massive player killing. On Non-PVP attacking other players is only possible in certain conditions, such as when in a battle arena or in a guild war. More about player versus player combat can be read in the manual articles combat and death.

Elysium: (non-PvP)

New characters have a slightly boosted experience rate. Until level 20 your experience will be 4x normal. After that it will gradually reduce by 0.1x per level until you reach 1x at level 50 onwards.

Novus: (PvP)

A 2x experience world with staged Challenge Task training rewards as follows:
  • 2x to skill 60
  • 1.75x to skill 100
  • 1.4x after skill 100

Everath: (PvP)

Leveling has staged experience rates as follows:
  • 10x to level 50
  • 9x to level 75
  • 8x to level 100
  • 7x to level 125
  • 6x to level 150
  • 5x to level 170
  • 4x to level 190
  • 3x to level 210
  • 2x to level 300
  • Normal 1x rate onwards
Challenge Task training rewards (melee, distance and defending) are 2x standard rate until skill 100.

Pharos: (PvP)

A 3x experience world. Challenge Task training rewards are 2x standard rate until skill 100.

Please Note: You can always view your current experience stage by hovering the experience value in the Abilities sidewindow.

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