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Warzone and Arenas

You can battle your friends (and why not enemies) safely, without the fear of death loss, in the various battle arenas and in the warzone (called Veranga). There are battle arenas located in almost every city. To enter a battle arena, stand on the marked tiles near the arena lever and pull the lever. At least 2 people who have reached level 4 or higher are required.

To enter the warzone talk with your local Veranga NPC - Will in Ellaria, Bruno in Bersund, Drake in Karkkila, Karen in Caerfa and Koga in Ben Qarassih. You can only enter the warzone once every 20 minutes, and can not enter with a red or a blue skull active. It is, however, possible to stay in the warzone for as long as you like.

Inside Veranga, the warzone

When you enter the warzone you will be teleported to one of the safe zones, north, south, east or west. If you die in the warzone you do not lose anything and are teleported back to one of the safe zones with full health. You can get free arrows, bolts, backpacks, javelins and health or mana potions from the NPC in the safe zones. These items will be removed from your character when you leave the warzone, either by logging out or saying leave to one of the safe zone NPCs.