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Official Ranks

These are players aiding newcomers and generally everybody who has a problem in the Support channel. These problems can be technical issues as well as simple game-related questions that occur especially to newcomers, however, quest spoiling or similar actions are not included. The sage may of course answer these as well, but it should be done in a private message instead of the Support channel, where they write in orange color.

To become a sage, one has to feature the knowledge to help with most kinds of technical problems and additionally also be able to help out with in-game knowledge, for example if a newcomer would like to know where he can start a quest or where he can hunt best at his level. Additionally, good English is a must for sage, it does not need to be perfectly fluent nor at the level that is required to become a Game Master, but it has to be decent to be able to provide support without any language barrier. If no sage is available, everybody may aid a player in need.

Despite being an advantage, sages do not need to have a clean criminal record as long as they are able to help newcomers in the support channel and are doing that on a regular base. As sages are chosen by the staff, it is up to them to decide whether somebody can be considered helpful enough to be suitable as a sage. Most likely, the decision will be influenced by what rules have been broken and how long ago it was.
Elder Sages
These, just like sages, are helping players in the support channel, but furthermore, are having access to private boards where they may contribute to the game in many aspects such as for example taking part in internal polls, creating texts that will be put into the game as books, exchange various sensible information with the Game Masters and of course take part in private tests.

To become an elder sage, you must have been a sage before. Also, you must have been playing the game for at least several months. Just as with regular sages, elder sages are chosen by the staff. A clean criminal record is obligatory (banishments for exceeding the frag limit are not included), and exceptions will only be made very rarely in special cases, and only if the staff see it necessary.
Game Masters
These are the rule enforcing unit of Zezenia, they are answering reports on the forums as well as in the game. Their main purpose is to investigate these reports and take measures if needed, such as handing out warnings or even banishments. Game masters also randomly log in to check people to see whether they do something wrong, even if no report has been done. Besides that, they also moderate the forums. You can recognize a game master by their GM prefix in the name.

To become a game master, there is not really much one can do. Fluent English and great trustability are a must, but just like at the other ranks, asking to become one is not useful at all and will most likely be seen negative. If you are considered suitable, you will be asked. Game masters are chosen by the Zezenia Staff.
Zezenia Staff
These are the persons developing the actual game and everything that comes with it, be it code, graphics, stories, quests, tools, and so on.