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In-Game Raids

From time to time evil monsters raid and terrorize Nyrathia. It is up to our brave heroes to push these invasions back. A server wide message in orange text will signal the start of a raid containing a description of the location and nature of the attack. These raids can be in the middle of other monster spawns or in relatively quiet areas so be careful. Raiding monsters will take their bounty and retreat after a certain amount of time. Remember: Occasionally these evil raiders will carry loot not found on regular monsters!


Below are few example raids:
Leprachaun's Party In Eidos, unwated leprachauns like to frequent Ye Old Grennery Pub in the hills east of town. Unfortunately things get out of hand occasionally and they must be removed. Tip: Leprachauns are notorious for hoarding Four-Leaf Clovers
Demonic Fog Raid There are few things more terrifying than a demon so you can imagine how many have perished encountering a Fog Demon raid with Demonic Ents already inhabiting the area near Gulshan Village! Only for the strongest of warriors.
Bollahar's Envoy Only minions of the evil mage Bolohar would dare desecrate the graves of Nyrathias most famous heroes in Ellaria. They must be stopped.
Thobias the Collector Hidden in his secret tower, Thobias holds many items never seen by most adventurers. He laughs at fools that try to face him alone.
Bollahar The mad mage himself, appearing randomly south of the Elven Camp. A group of experienced warriors working together may have a chance to stop a Bollahar raid and earn a chance at unknown treasures.