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In the last weeks and even months, great progress has been made toward the next major game update. The most notable upcoming change is the introduction of a new continent, Aranagua. The theme of the new continent is jungle-inspired, with a variety of plant and vegetable growth. A major base comes from old graphics that were originally intended for a jungle continent, but there will also be many new graphics. See the screenshot below for a sneak peek of the work in progress!

Surrounding the city of Vevay will be, like usual with new areas, many new monsters (more background on them later) and quests. Naturally these lead to the addition of new items and equipment as well. A couple of the new monsters are shown below.

Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot
Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot
Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot

We're currently aiming to release this update in mid June. Stay tuned for more teasers in the coming weeks!

Zezenia Staff
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