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The first phase of our summer updates, game version 6.0.0, has been released! This update brings along the first phase of our new beginner city, a new high-level dungeon, new outfits, new daily quests and more. Read through this announcement for all the details.

As always, to play you must first update your client. If the automatic ingame patcher does not work you can redownload the game client from the website's Download section. Steam users, please restart Steam to initiate the game client update!

New Beginner City: Eidos
We're introducing a new city with emphasis on availability of spawns and NPCs to newcomers. Basically the city is very small so all services are easy to find. There should be spawns in every direction for newbies, so that they can easily find hunting grounds.

In a future update we will make this the default starting city for players who have completed the Sakanrel beginner tutorial. There will be many beginner quests and available player housing as well.

You can travel to this city by asking for "Eidos" from all 3 Ellaria boats. It is also possible to walk to Eidos from Lyedel and Gulshan Village.

New Outfits
There are 4 new outfits and 1 new outfit hat available. The new hat is free and available to everyone, but the new outfits require a 1 time payment of Premium Cards to the NPC Montfort, who is located in the Ellaria Castle.

Kill Counter Bars
New bars underneath the experience calculator bar now show your current kill task progress.

Daily Quests
We have introduced 4 new daily quests, which are:

- Adriano's Daily Delivery
- Helping Simon
- Gambling with Cromwell
- In Clifton's Aid

Note that all dailies have a randomized reward, so it might be different for you each time.

Jungle Dungeon
A new jungle-themed dungeon has been added for level 180+ players. Just like with earlier dungeons, there are rewards for each completion, and a special reward for the 5th, 20th and 100th completions.

Raids & Weather
We have re-introduced our long forgotten raid system. This time, raids will also sometimes include a weather effect (fog). Special monsters will spawn in these raids, dropping special loot. A server-wide broadcast message is sent to all players whenever a raid is initiated.

The following raids are available:
- Warzone Boss (foggy area, high experience, but no loot - just a boss for fun fighting)
- Fog Demon raid (foggy area, special loot)
- Fog Yeti raid (foggy area, special loot)
- Leprechaun Party (high drop-rate of four-leaf)
- Collector raid (high drop-rate of collectibles)

Other stuff
- Slightly improved loot rates of evil ent, lighter, ice demon, devastating beetle and bush terror.
- Adjusted Freak to be more ranged-friendly.
- Adjusted kill counts for low and mid difficulty kill challenge tasks.
- Training tasks will now be 1.5x between skills 100 - 200 on speed-rate servers.
- Added spaces as thousand separator in the market dialog price column.
- Ability to choose icon for minimap markers.

Remember that you can always report bugs or issues to us via CTRL+R ingame or by e-mail at [email protected]

Have fun in Zezenia!
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