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In the aftermath of Elbar's Discovery:

Having heard of the new horror building in the desert tunnels outside his city, the King of Ben Qarassih sent his finest warrior to wipe out this new threat.

A recount from the sole survivor, Yasin:
We were going to be heroes of Ben Qarassih. We marched out of the city to music and cheers.

After days of exploring we found the tunnels Elber found, wiping out all foes in our way. With our expert tracker we were able to find the hidden hole Elber had fallen into. There were days of battle with the Mighty Werebear's but my companions and I proved our worth killing all we saw with minimal injuries. We were tired but victorious.

We made camp for the last night in the tunnels ... and were awoken by the sound of explosion and the ground shaking bebeath us. We only had minutes to rouse ourselves before a new hell came at us in the night ...

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The city is calling all heroes to help control this dangerous new threat!

Double Experience Week
Between Monday 2nd October 00:00 and Sunday 8th October 23:59 UTC all monsters will yield double their normal experience on all game worlds. Note that skills, tasks or quest rewards are not affected by this event.

Increased Premium Card Prices
To accommodate for new staff and other changes, all Premium Card prices will be increased by approximately 25% on Monday, 2nd October. This means for example that cards which previously cost 0.20 will cost 0.25 after the change. We believe this change is justified, considering how low the prices have been before comparing to similar games.

Don't forget you still have time to buy with the old prices until Monday, 2nd October!

Have fun in Zezenia!
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