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Our newest update, version 6.2.0, has been released! This update brings plenty of new stuff for both low level and high level players. We are also hosting some small events to celebrate Halloween! Read through this announcement for all the details.

As always, to play you must first update your client. If the automatic ingame patcher does not work you can redownload the game client from the website's Download section. Steam users, please restart Steam to initiate the game client update!

Quoting Changelog 6.2.0:
- Made spawn improvements (unholy dreadlords area, bush terrors area, and more) and new additions to existing places (new strong werebears outside Ben Qarassih).
- Added monsters, including regular monsters, Halloween Event monsters and a new boss.
- Added new collectibles: armadillork tail, lone eye shell, lone eye leg, lighter tail and horn of the beast.
- Added a level 200+ dungeon, with a secret mechanism to spawn a new boss, Baphomet.
- Modified spells, including changed formulas for all healing spells, decreased strength and duration of Bravery.
- Added spell Shamanic Healing.
- Added 3 new outfits, all obtainable via quests.
- Added new quests to the beginner area Eidos.
- Added Eidos Guide book as reward for completing the Sakanrel Beginner Tutorial.
- We disbanded all Platon guilds.

Quoting Halloween Events:
- NPC Gorvenal, at the Ellarian cemetery, is dressing people in various scary outfits.
- NPCs around Ellaria are responding to a trick or treat request.
- Screwou Raid
- Screwou's Envoys Raid

Remember that you can always report bugs or issues to us via CTRL+R ingame or by e-mail at [email protected]

Have a spooky Halloween everybody!
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