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Tomorrow, with the next server restart, we will release few changes.

First of all, as many players proposed, we increased the hitpoints of Dracolich (previously 5200, now 6000) and Nocturne (previously 6000, now 7200). In addition, we also changed the statistics of golden bracers and thorny bracers. By this manner we were able to add adequate defence values to a new kind of this equipment (volcanic bracers).

Secondarily, we will turn off event New Year's Birthday Party of King Terryn. Congratulations to everyone who earned the main reward of this event. This item will no longer be obtainable. Therefore all collectible items related to this event will be no more available as loot of monsters. Save them or use to get random experience rewards. By the way, Santa Claus will stay with us until 10th January, so do not forget to ask about your gifts.

Thirdly, we changed point 5 our Game Rules. The following change is necessary and specifically related to users which use certain bots with alarms or autoresponders. Below, new changed text of rule #5.

Modifying the client software in any way, or using third-party software or hardware to gain an advantage over other players is forbidden. In addition, a Game Master, to remove his doubts, may appear and ask about a short and logic conversation with you. (Advanced bots result in ban until deletion, otherwise a major ban.)

Fourthly, we fixed various map bugs and problems, these changes include also easier path to fire flower, item needed to finish Tavern Tales #10.

Have fun in Zezenia!
Your Zezenia Online Staff
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