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This is an unbelievable surprise for us, and probably players, but we decided to release another small update. As always, to play you must first update your client. If the automatic ingame patcher does not work you can redownload the game client from the website's Download section. Steam users, please restart Steam to initiate the game client update!

This time, we focused on replacing textures. Refreshed textures came out successful, so we decided to introduce them to the game. The effect we obtained, can be easily seen in the screenshot below.

Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot

In addition, we changed the formulas of Fire Shield, Fortitude Growth and Absorbing Aura. Now, all of them are based on magic level and level, and maximum values are contained in spells descriptions. Random values criticized by players have been withdrawn.

Furthermore, as many players suggested, we increased the attack of all wands. Unfortunately, such huge change forced us to decrease defending and increase mana usage of these items.

Don't hesitate to report any bugs to us!

Happy playing,
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