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A public test server has been opened! Everybody is invited to test the new features listed below.

New Spells
We have added some new spells:
- Create Reinforced Arrows, Create Ornamented Arrows, Create Sharp Bolts (for rangers),
- Create Deadly Arrows, Create Deadly Bolts, Unexpected exclusion, Mortal Stigma (for warlocks)
- Create Emerald Arrows, Holy Cross, Shield of Nature (for shamans)
- Critical Continuum, Bewilderment, Strong Bewilderment Support (for marksmen)
- Rage (barbarians)
- Holy Sword, Holy Cross Support (for paladins)
- Create Hellish Bolts, Strong Bewilderment (for pyromancers)

To check how these spells works, open spell dialogue in-game.

Bows and arrows
We have add few new kind of ammunition (reinforced arrows, ornamented arrows, deadly arrows, emerald arrows, sharp bolts, deadly bolts, hellish bolts). The better the bow, the better and more expensive ammunition will be needed. Anyway, the player has the opportunity to:
- create ammunition by using one of new spells - cheapest option,
- buying any type of arrows / bolts from any fletcher.

Eidos has been set as the main city for beginner players. From now on, to leave Eidos, the player will need level 20. This is very important, due to the fact that many players just ignore Arne Missions, a quest that allows players to improve their skills. We also added the opportunity to:
- visit Hamrar, straight from Eidos,
- NPC Ulli, resposible for buying all items lootable from local monsters.

In addition, we moved to Eidos:
- a few quests, previously available in Ellaria,
- three dungeons (The Humanoid Lair, The Orcish Complex, The Melket Lair)

A new tab has been added - repeatable quests. The player can find here information about daily quests / challenges.

Uptated NPC lists
To remove the chaos, from now on only one NPC is responsible for buying a specific type of item (Karl - melee weapons, Petri - legs and bracers, Jose - boots, Yasin - shields, Yasir - helmets, Yasif - gauntlets, Edgard - armors, Fredrik - rings/amulets). There are a few exceptions related to fletchers and alchemists and some other NPCs in whole Nyrathia. However, after joining to Smart Trader Guild (one time payment - 25 premium cards), players will able to sell all items to NPC Teddy, located in penultimate floor of Ellarian Deposit.

In addition, prices of several items have been slightly changed.

Graphical Changes
All graphics of trees and bushes previously available in Nyrathia have been changed.

Quest changes
- Dungeon Grand Master - fixed,
- Magic Runes Quest - fixed,
- Noble Zezenian Spellbook, Noble Zezenian Quiver available as rewards of Exchange with Aramadaes.

CTRL Hotkeys
From now on, holding down CTRL will activate the next action box set, meaning you can assign hotkeys to CTRL + F1-12/CTRL + 0-9 from now on.

Download client:
Click Here

Happy Testing!
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