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We have released small fixes, downloading a new client is not needed. Below is a list of released changes:

Easter Events improved - right now every player who will kill at least 100 giant devilish chicks / giant chicks will be able to take reward. Anyway there are 4 reward stages (at least 100/200/300/350 kills). Higher stage - more special easter eggs as reward. Anyway, do not be late and ask about your reward before Saturday. Remember that if you decide to take a reward at lower stage then you will be not be able to continue your task, because your participation in the event will be irreversibly marked as 'finished'.

Baphomet's Residence - small change on map

Unknown mechanism
In four dungeons, unknown switches have appeared. Nobody has any idea what this mechanism is for. Try to use them and solve mystery of the lonely dungeon switches.

Possibility to attack target in non-pvp zones with Strong Bewilderment, Bewilderment has been disabled.

Additional Stats
From now, listed items come with the following additional statistics:
- sinister eyes - 3% hp steal
- ceremonial archmage rod - 2% hp steal
- glowing spectre - 1 magic level and 1 % magic defense
- noble Zezenian wand - 1 magic level and 1 % magic defense

Map Bugs
Several map bugs were fixed

Happy Hunting!
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