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Update is taking a little longer than expected, but for good reasons!

The new boss abilities that were in the first teaser are working great and we have expanded some of them to more than just bosses. This is one step in making hunts a little more exciting & requiring active players. In addition, these features should help in the ongoing goal of removing bots in the game. We are actively working on and testing more anti-bot features to come soon.

As with most of our updates there will be new maps, new monsters, and new items! Just a small teaser of some new items to find through monster drops and quests:

Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot

Not only are there going to be new items and abilities, but bosses in particular have additional and more frequent drops of some common items. No more long boss hunts with no items.

As you know our staff is limited and sometimes everything doesn’t come together as quickly as we hoped with sprites, mapping, coding, etc but the update will be released soon.

Zezenia Online Staff
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