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A public test server for experimental balancing changes is now online. The server is based on a snapshot taken earlier today, with all characters available for play. The test client can be downloaded here.

What's changed? The formula for PvP mage vs mage damage resistance has been revised. As many players have noticed, the previous formula was not designed for the high levels achieved by the community, scaling to an extremely high amount of magic resistance. This would cause situations where two mages would negate too much damage from each other.

The new, flatter formula targets characters above level 250-300 with a much slower increase in natural magic resistance beyond this point. Lower level characters will most likely not notice a change at all.

PvM damage and other classes are not affected.

We are seeking feedback on this change and other PvP issues: do you think this is an improvement? Please let us know what you think! All comments and suggestions are appreciated.

Zezenia Staff
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