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The Zezenia Online 7.1.2 test server is here! The test server is based on a snapshot taken today. You can download the test client here.

These changes are available for testing:

Quoting Zezenia Online 7.1.2 changelog:

- New content: access to the new areas is blocked on the test server. We don't want to spoil everything, so please wait for the final update to discover all the new areas and quests! Among other things, the update will include three new Tavern Tales quests, and more!

- Osvald & Thorvald challenges have been rebalanced according to community feedback with a larger variety of available tasks. Above all, higly experienced players will be able to receive easy and medium tasks for a longer time.

- Added new fishing rods, nets, fishing bait and fishing bags! Three new slots allow you to choose your current fishing equipment. Bait can be used to catch fish quicker. Fish now go into a dedicated fish bag, which you can purchase from the nearest shopkeeper. In addition, new surprises await lucky fishermen in the waters!

- The most dedicated fishermen will be rewarded by the Ellarian Fishing Guild for their efforts! Upon reaching fishing levels 25, 50 and 75, you will receive a Fishing Trophy in your depot. Existing characters will receive their trophies upon login.

- Monster positions are now randomized on each spawn for more variety.

- The Exchange with Aramadaes quest has been expanded. Players now have the chance to acquire another item in the noble set.

- One of the unsolved quests has been simplified: the amount of needed killed fire beings has been reduced to help smaller groups deal with this quest.

- Dialogue for beginner quests in Eidos has been tweaked for clarity.

- Updated graphics and made minor user interface tweaks.

- Performance improvements.

Please let us know of any feedback, ideas, suggestions and bug reports you might have. We hope to release the full update soon, based on your feedback!

Zezenia Staff
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