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Zezenia Online 7.1.2 is here! As always, the update will download automatically. Alternatively, you can get the update here or on Steam.

Here's what's new:


Yafmel is a new village located in northern Geltharia. Yafmel offers all standard services such as banking, potion shops, and so on. Access to the new city is provided through Ellaria and Caerfa boat services (premium accounts) or on foot from Caerfa (free accounts).

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Around the newly added village players may find many new spawns, including a huge spawn of Horned Dragons, an inactive volcano inhabited by Volcanic Golems plus forests and caves full of dangerous monsters. Hunting around Yafmel does not require premium time. And of course, there are a variety of quests to find and solve in the new village!

Enter the Zezenia Lottery

With the release of the update, the first Challenge Points Lottery begins! For every 50 points you gain between today and June 9th, you are guaranteed one ticket in the lottery. Participation in this event is free and automatic - no registration is required.

The first lottery drawing will take place on June 15th. The rewards will be announced later - and their value will most certainly make it worthwhile!

New fishing and rares

The fishing system has been overhauled completely. New fishing rods and nets are available, and for the first time bait can be used to boost the fish rate. Bait is dropped by monsters as loot, found during gathering and is also available as quest rewards. Caught fish are now placed in a dedicated fish bag.

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In addition, the waters contain many new surprises for fishermen, including lost bags with potions, soaked experience boost scrolls, pearl oysters, and more. The most dedicated fishermen will be rewarded by the Ellarian Fishing Guild for their efforts! Upon reaching fishing levels 25, 50 and 75, you will receive a Fishing Trophy in your depot. (Existing characters will receive their trophies upon login.)

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Osvald & Thorvald challenges

As mentioned earlier, one of the priorities was to balance the tasks offered by Osvald and Thorvald. Given challenges have been rebalanced according to community feedback with a larger variety of available tasks. Above all, higly experienced players will be able to receive easy and medium tasks for a longer time. Additionally, the list of tasks has been updated by adding new monsters and items.

New quests & achievements

Many new quests have been added inside and outside Yafmel! In addition to new Tavern Tales episodes, new repeatable and long term quests will appear. We hope that the new quest mechanics will surprise everyone! New secret achievements have also been added. Some are related to fishing.

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In addition, one of the unsolved quests - Fiery Secret - has been simplified (the amount of killed fire beings has been reduced). The second one, Exchange with Aramadaes, has been expanded. To continue the quest, you must find Ryan, a thief.

To help beginners get started, Eidos quests have been tweaked for clarity.

Spawn randomization

For more variety during hunts, monster spawns are now randomized. Every monster will respawn in a slightly different position from the previous time.

Performance improvements

The performance of the Zezenia client has been improved, and you should notice a higher frame rate. For the best performance on your computer, try toggling between Direct3D and OpenGL renderers in the settings. Further development to improve performance is ongoing.

Premium Scrolls Boost

Until the end of this week, using a 30 or 90 day Premium Scroll you will receive 10 or 30 pearl oysters for decoration!

See you ingame!

Zezenia Staff
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