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Today's server save includes the following changes:

Hardcore Hunting Zones

A new pilot experiment has been added. Players can now enter these Hardcore Hunting Zones:

- Unholy Catacombs: the deepest part of Unholy Dreadlords spawn

- Deepest Dungeons of Bloody Rose Order: new map with Dark Knights as the main theme

- Bald Mountains: well known map (headquarters of Bollahar) remade with Boulder Thrower as the main theme

- Devilish Catacombs: new map added in the deepest part of Devil's Catacombs

- Yafmel Desert: Sand Terrors and Murderous Cave Crabs as the main theme.

Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot

To enter the portals leading to these new zones, you must:

- Be level 150 or above

- Obtain the Grand Tasker achievement

- Complete 3 kill tasks within the last 3 days, or 7 kill tasks within the last week. Counting starts from this server save.

Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot

Remember that all these new maps are extremely dangerous for solo players. Bring your friends with you!

During the pilot experiment, Bollahar has decided to not disturb our community. In addition, a shortcut through elves leading to the Bald Mountains has been added permanently.

Weekend Event

The Weekend Event from May 31st to June 3rd has been scheduled. Don't miss it!

Other Changes

Better fishing gear is now indestructible.

Zezenia Staff
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