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This week's server save includes the following changes:

Quoting A Secret Message:

My mighty ruler,

I must inform you that something bad is happening south of the Geltharian magma hills. Some lizards, unknown to me, have appeared in the area and have taken over your fatherís summer residence as their lair.

The strangest thing is, unusual jungle trees that I only know from my grandfatherís tales are growing around the abandoned castle. Are the lizards about to change the order of things in Geltharia? Are they about to conquer the nearby forests and turn them into jungles? All facts point to that! The proximity of waters, swamps, and the micro-climate shaped by the nearby volcano are making their task easier.

One thing that doesnít allow me to sleep at night... Iíve heard that Bollahar has disappeared without a trace. I could be wrong, but I donít believe that this is a coincidence. Someone must control these lizards.

My merciful ruler, I must report that the port in Millshan Village will soon be opened. As long as the lizards donít mess with our plans, tons of precious grains will sail for Ellaria this summer.

My most honorable liege, I realize that my reports are not optimistic, hence why I ask that you spare my brave messenger and send him back to me.

Glory to Ellaria!
John IV Smith

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- Updates to the Beginner Tutorial and Eidos maps and NPC's to improve the new player experience.

See you ingame!

Zezenia Staff
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