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This week's server save includes the following changes:

Quoting Changelog:
- updated Osvald and Thorvald list of challenges inlcluding new or even older collects (golem hearts, ice golem hearts, rabid rat skin, rabid rat incisors, lizard warrior skin, lizard warrior tail, lizard spellweaver claw, lizard spellweaver eye and lizard spellweaver tail) and monsters (Satyr, Rabid Rat, Lizard Warrior, Lizard Spellweaver),

- updated shop lists of many NPCs, in addition after completing certain mission of Elsa's Questline, NPC Teddy, owner of Smart Trader Guild will use Elsa's price in relation to potions, empty potion containers and recipes (this change is not related to collectible items)

- added Millshan Village - small geltharian village located east of Ellaria, accessible with Ellaria's captains travel services. Mentioned area contain many newly created hunting places including grain fields occupied by rabid rats and geltharian dire boars, desert inhabited by Ghost Dragons and abandoned royal residence mastered by lizards,

- added new hardcore hunting place - Dragon's Woodland of Primordial Harmony with huge forest as main theme,

- improved and greatly extended hunting places including surroundings of Birlusk Thyns Castle, Perileu's Lair of Lone Eyes,

- added four not so complicated quests, for details ask NPCs located in Ellaria or Millshan Village,

- added three new exclusive houses located in West Tower of Ellarian Castle, to bid these residences ask NPC Matthew,

- added mini-game called Running Competitions to game, for details ask NPC Adalbert in main Ellarian Port, quest log is available in repeatable quests section,

- added new traveling shortcut - Norrneau, for details ask NPC Janne or NPC Nils, main Norrlun Captains,

- fixed few minor graphic, map, spelling and grammar issues.

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