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The Zezenia Online New Year's Update is here! As always, the game will update itself when you log in. Steam users may need to restart the Steam client to get the update. Alternatively, you can download Zezenia here.

What's New

- Evil Snowman Raid: watch out for the Evil Snowman, who has come to terrorize the citizens of Karkkila!
- Winter Event: all snow and ice monsters now drop 25% more loot and experience! This event will be on for the time being.
- Santa Claus has left town for another year.
- Hovering over the Stamina bar now displays the time left to regeneration.
- Stamina is no longer consumed when creating arrows or food.
- The Degrees of Initiation quest now displays labelled kill counters.
- The Log chat tab is now second in order.
- Fight mode is now always enabled in the Log chat tab.
- Bug fixes.
- Thank you to community member Stormy for providing new sprites!

On Novus

The first season of Novus will end on Sunday January 12th, 2020. On this date, the server will close, and all characters will be transferred to Pharos.

See you ingame!

Zezenia Staff
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