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The first season of Novus has come to an end. All players have been transferred to Pharos. House owners will find their belongings in their depot.

Pharos has been updated with the latest changes to Zezenia Online. Elysium will receive these updates during its scheduled Server Save on Wednesday.


- Added PvP death loss recovery. 50% of death losses from PvP deaths can be recovered at the same price as PvM deaths.

- The Evil Snowman event has ended, and the Winter Event is now in full swing! Watch out for icy raids. And remember, all snow and ice monsters drop 25% more experience and loot!

- The skill losses from all deaths have been cut in half.

- Eidos depot NPC's now sell more beginner weapons.

- NPC Destrian now buys certain fish for spare change.

See you ingame!

Zezenia Staff
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