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The Seasonal Server Novus is online! Create your character and log in now to get started. Players on the seasonal server will be rewarded with exclusive gifts, including a special outfit, rare helmet and much more!

Novus features a 2x experience rate and training task skill boost until level 100. The game map is split into PvP and non-PvP areas. Premium continents and cities (Ice Islands, Ben Qarassih, Vevay) feature full PvP combat, whereas other areas are a non-PvP zone.

The first season is on until October 31st. After the season is over you can choose to continue your character on either Elysium or Pharos.

Get your rewards

NPC Rewardo just outside the Ellaria depot will hand over rewards in exchange for ingame achievements.

Hall of Fame

Living legends from Novus will be immortalized on the Zezenia Hall of Fame! This upcoming section will feature:

- The top three level players

- Top three players for each subclass

- Top three players for each skill

- The top five dungeon completionists

- The top five boss slayers

- The top five food bank donors

Of course, hall of fame winners will be rewarded with gifts!

A seasonal server is new to all of us! Help us make this the best server yet with your feedback.

See you ingame!

Zezenia Staff
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