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This week's Server Save includes the following changes:

- Lizard Event: get +25% XP from Geck'zah, Geck'zard, Lizard Warrior, Lizard Spellweaver and Lizard Guardians until Wednesday 17th.

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- Added Hell Raids to Ben Qarassih! Slay Chivo, Hellborne and their demonic minions to claim your loot from the Reward Chests. The first three players to reach the chest get loot and receive 20 Season Points. (Available first on Titan)

Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot

- Kpunda Lighter spawn has been expanded and improved.

- Updated Boulder Thrower combat mechanics.

- Adjusted Bewilderment strength.

- Fixed gathering goblin spawn on incorrect tiles.

- Fog Yeti, Fog Demon & Leprechaun raids no longer have a message but occur more frequently.

- Smuggler's Life: Atticus will now take gold from either bags or bank correctly.

See you in game!

Zezenia Staff
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