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This week's events are:

- Bonus Dungeon & Gathering Week: double the chance of landing in a bonus dungeon & extra yield on each gathered herb!

- Icy Bonus: get +25% XP from Kidamru, Snowbeast, Ice Golem, Ice Demon, Colossal Ice Golem, Glacial Giant, (Fog) Yeti, Icy Terror, Ice Thrower & Chenoo!

This week's Server Save includes the following changes:

- Reduced the cooldown of daily tasks to 22 hours (Adriano's Daily Delivery, In Clifton's Aid, Helping Galfrid/Egon/Nathanael/Harry/Simon/Gambling with Cromwell/Yasin's Daily Deliveries).

- Fixed glimmer remaining on bodies after consuming the last item inside of them.

- Fixed blessings being lost in the Castle War. Affected players will receive a small gift in their depot as compensation shortly.

- Improved precision of character turn controls (CTRL + arrows & WASD).

See you ingame!

Zezenia Staff
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