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Double XP Weekend

Double XP begins Friday June 11th 12:00 (UTC). Don't miss this chance to gain double the experience from all monsters on Elysium & Pharos!

The weekend event is on until Monday June 14th 12:00 UTC.

Season Two Hall of Fame

The Season Two Hall of Fame has been unveiled. Congratulations to all the newly immortalized legends of Zezenia Online! Please check your depot for winning prizes. If you are currently logged in, please log out to receive new parcels.

Season Points Shop

Season Points accumulated during Season Two can now be consumed in the Season Points Shop. Trade in your points for outfit scrolls, experience boosts, potions, various cosmetic items and more.

The shop is open for a limited time only! Be sure to transfer all your Titan characters to deposit your points, and spend them before the shop closes.

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