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The Zezenia Online Public Test Server is now open for all players! This server features a New Talents System including new abilities for subclasses and balancing changes.

Please help us perfect this system with your testing and feedback! Constructive comments and bug reports in this thread will be rewarded with various tokens of our appreciation.

The test client can be downloaded here. The Test Server is based on a snapshot, so don't be alarmed if some of your progress is missing.

New Talents

The new Talent System features a unique talent tree for each subclass. Talents are divided into three unlockable tiers. Players can specialize in one of two subclass specific special talents.

Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot

Each talent can be assigned 10-15 points depending on subclass. For instance, a Paladin may assign five extra points to the Fortification talent. One assignable point is gained every 10 levels.

To test talents to their full extent, you may level up to 500 at any time on the Test Server. Talk to NPC Jeff in the Ellaria depot.

New & Special Talents

In addition to existing talents Durability, Spirituality, Legerity, Expertise, Aggression, Fortification, Resistance, Healing & Weapon Boost the following talents are new:

* Mana Steal: returns 10 mana points per talent point on each basic attack.

* Multi Strike: adds a 2% chance per point to inflict an additional strike on each attack. (50% damage in PvP)

* Brewing: increases potion duration by ~4% per talent point.

Starting at level 500 new Special Talents are available by subclass:


Blizzard: Hailstorm inflicts additional damage and slows down hit creatures.

Rejuvenation: Heal Friend and Shamanic Friend heal over time.


Fire Guard: Mystic Guard reduces damage by an additional 20% on top of 40% from mana.

Clarity: areal spells inflict extra damage around their edges.


Lasting Pain: Deathblow inflicts additional damage over 6 seconds.

Immolation: doubles the strength of Advanced Soul Fire.


Invocation: increases Last Stand duration to 25 seconds.

Overpowering: Shield Slam damage & stun chance is increased. Adds damage based healing.


Insatiable: increases Rage duration to 25 seconds.

Invincible: adds healing to attack spells when below 30% HP.


Poison Arrow: adds a poisonous element to Barbed Arrow.

Ice Traps: turns Traps into larger Ice Traps.


Split Arrow: turns Piercing Shot into a full frontal wave. Armor reduction remains only from direct line hits.

Focus: increases Critical Continuum duration to 30 seconds.

The full talent tree for each subclass is visible ingame. Details about all talents will be available in the Zezenia Wiki soon.

Discover the Library

Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot

Information about each subclass and their spells & talents can be found within the new Library button.

Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot

The ingame Library will expand over time to include a map, bestiary and more.

Update Coming Soon

The new Talents System is part one of the upcoming Zezenia Online Summer Update. Stay tuned for a preview of what else is coming out in the coming weeks!

Test Server Changelog

Quoting Full changelog:

New in Zezenia

- Added the New Talents System. Each subclass has their own talent tree with varying tiers & two special talents to choose from.

- Added a new ingame Library with information about spells, subclasses & talents.

- Replaced Talents in the Abilities window with equipment and talent Stats.

- Added a network latency indicator. The indicator can be toggled in game settings.

- Added opt-in automatic bug reports. Bug reports can be toggled in game settings.

- Added minimap markers for all boats.

- Added a warning on login if there are insufficient funds in the bank for house rent.


- Certain spells are no longer usable behind walls or on targets in protection areas.

- Arena & dungeon restricted spells are now disabled in the Castle War event.

- A loot dialog is now shown on dungeon completion if any items are received.


- Server & client performance & networking improvements.

- Fixed issues with right clicking items in overlapping container windows.

- Fixed a rare issue with players being unable to walk after login.

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