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The next Zezenia Online update is coming soon. You've already seen the New Talent System, and here is another sneak peek at some of the upcoming content:

The Bestiary

The newly added Bestiary details all monsters to be found in the world of Zezenia and serves as a personal collection. Killing a monster will unlock its bestiary page along with common stats & loot.

Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot

Avid beast collectors can work to familiarize themselves and ultimately master each monster, unlocking very rare loot along the way. Newly added Beast Collector, Beast Master & Beast Grandmaster achievements are earned by unlocking & mastering monsters in the bestiary.

The Bestiary can be opened from the new Library menu or using CTRL + B.

Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot

Monster Boosts are available for purchase in the bestiary using noble Zezenian coins. Options include a +25% experience boost, increased enraged & elite spawns and a monster health debuff.

Active boosts are shared with all players on the game world, and can be seen on login & from the Bestiary. Generous community members will receive thanks for their boost purchases!

The Bestiary will be available on the upcoming Test Server.

Ice Dungeon

Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot

The level 300+ Ice Dungeon is about to open for business! Fight your way up a narrow mountain to the top for great rewards. Beware, as you will be challenged by never seen before beasts, which are surely lethal. Take a sneak peek at the icy backdrop and assemble your elite party.

Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot
Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot

The new dungeon will be released with the update. Whispers say that an extremely challenging level 400+ dungeon is also under construction somewhere in the world!

Bandit Camps

Zezenia Online Forum Screenshot

New Bandit Camps have appeared across the map. Make your way to these outlaw encampments through the world map to clear them & loot their treasure.

Unfortunately crime is spreading across the lands and new encampments will appear in the future. The difficulty level of each camp will vary from low to high levels, with the first camps tailored towards beginners.

World Map Changes

Added new solo hunting spawns for Werebear & Mighty Magician Werebear.
Added new islands: solo Geck'zah area & team Crabs & Unholy Dreadlords.
Expanded Devil spawn.
Slightly expanded Dreadlord spawn.
Slightly expanded Chenoo spawn.

Bandit Camps & the new World Map will be available on the Test Server.

Test Server Opening Soon

The next Test Server is opening some time next week, with the final release to follow shortly after! Stay tuned.

Season Points Shop closing

The Season Points shop is closing soon, so please make any purchases as soon as possible. Unspent points will remain on your account for future seasons.

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